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The Phase 1 of the Movement Control (MCO Phase 1) order  showed positive signs confirming that the government’s efforts were working – the number of recorded cases were lower as compared to a projection by The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER). MIER estimated that Malaysia would have 4,087 new COVID-19 cases by the end of MCO Phase 1, however, Malaysia only recorded 2,766 cases. This prompted the Government to act urgently with the implementation of MCO Phase 2 that took place from 1 -14 April 2020 to further flatten the projected curve. Malaysians were once again told to just stay at home and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the deadly pandemic. The MCO Phase 2 included stricter and enhanced regulations such as shorter business operating hours and ensuring major public cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out around the country.

Current state of the COVID-19 Pandemic
(As of 31 March 2020)
Source: Malaysian Institute of Economic Research

Together with the Government, the Ministry of Health continued to prepare for the worst. This included setting up additional medical facilities in public places as well as performing large scale testing of COVID-19. The concept of zones was also introduced as a crucial step to control the spread of the pandemic. The zone categories are as follows:

  • Green Zone   : No Positive Cases
  • Yellow Zone  : Areas with 1-20 Positive Cases
  • Orange Zone : Areas with 21-40 Positive Cases
  • Red Zone      : Areas with more than 40 Positive Cases

Movement control was implemented in accordance to time and varied for critical sectors. Red Zones and other areas alike were enforced with an Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in situations of a sudden increase of reported cases.

The distribution of COVID-19 cases according to zones
Source: Malay Mail

With high chance of flattening the curve on the horizon and having seen cases being reported by MIER for the MCO Phase I, Malaysia Healthcare and the nation’s unwavering frontliners continue to exceed expectations and produce outstanding results. We stand united as we venture through these dark times with unprecedented progress and a dawn of the new normal arises.

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