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Malaysia vs. COVID-19: Work From Home: The Dawn Of A New Revolution

The  “New Norm” – is something that we are hearing more frequently as we accommodate to living life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In the business world, offices have begun to operate with strict standard operating procedures put in place either by allowing staff with essential roles only to return to the office, or by operating on a rotation system. Nonetheless, most still have their workforces operating from home.

Although we seem to be flattening the Covid-19 curve in Malaysia, the norm of working from home may still be practiced for some time. The Government has requested employers to consider allowing their staffs to work  from home as an option moving forward in their effort to further eradicate COVID-19.

This new revolution has taken to light after workforces globally proved that working from home is not only feasible, but also beneficial as staff experience more flexibility in adjusting their work schedule while attending to personal needs. Time saved from commuting to and from work has given staff more rest and less stress. More importantly, staff can maintain social distancing and avoid the risk of contracting the virus.

Work from Home Tips
Source: NST

Adapting to the “new norm” may seem challenging at first, as with all types of changes. However, embracing it is a vital step to ensure our safety until the cure for COVID-19 is obtained. We at Malaysia Healthcare, will persevere on during these challenging times and shall continue to push our service quality deliverance benchmark to the highest.

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