The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council acts as a one-stop centre for the Healthcare Travel Industry


MHTC would like to invite registered members who are keen to partner with us in working with an appointed clinical research consultant to showcase the performance of care in your Centre of Excellence (CoE), with the ultimate aim to create a distinctive strategy for your respective CoE. Enrolment is voluntary, subject to meeting the selection criteria as stated in Section C. The cornerstone of the PHTE program is a methodology called Proven Performance. This is a simple yet powerful method to assist our partners to review and improve their performance to meet world class benchmark.

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MHTC Partners

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) strives to enhance access to Malaysian healthcare services, for the benefit of both health travellers as well as Malaysian healthcare facilities. Under our mandate, we undertake the function of a one-stop centre for the healthcare travel industry, for the promotion, business development, facilitation, networking, regulation and centre to handle all enquiries on health tourism in Malaysia. As part of our effort to promote Malaysia Healthcare globally, we work closely with industry stakeholders, particularly the private Malaysian healthcare institutions.

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MHTC Concierge and Lounges

As the provider of end-to-end services to health travellers arriving in Malaysia, the MHTC Concierge and Lounge in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Penang International Airport serve as the first points of contact for many travellers’ on their health journeys in Malaysia. Complementing MHTC’s end-to-end service for health visitors, the MHTC Concierge and Lounge provide comfortable spaces for health tourists to rest while waiting for on-ground transport services by their medical providers to arrive.

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