Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

Who We Are

Highlights In Our History


Established by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to promote the country’s fledgling healthcare travel industry.


The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) was launched as a formal entity within the MOH on the 3rd of July 2009, upon the approval of the Malaysian Cabinet.

The ‘Malaysia Healthcare’ brand was created with its own logo and tagline, ‘Quality Care for Your Peace of Mind’.


MHTC was incorporated as a standalone entity in 2011, which allowed it greater flexibility to operate as a coordinating agency for the healthcare travel industry in Malaysia. 


Today, under the Ministry of Finance (MOF), MHTC continues with its mandate of raising Malaysia’s profile as a leading provider of quality healthcare for global citizens

Our People

Sherene Azli

Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]
Dolly Lim

Chief Operating Officer

[email protected]
Nik Yazmin Nik Azman

Chief Commercial Officer

[email protected]
Shobena Singam

Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communication

[email protected]
Marini Saari

Vice President of Corporate Strategy

[email protected]
Zulkefli Idris

Vice President of Business Sustainability

[email protected]
Norhaslina Othman

Vice President of Facilitation

[email protected]

Dolly Lim (Chief Operating Officer)
[email protected]


Nik Yazmin Nik Azman (Chief Commercial Officer)
[email protected]

Shobena Singam (Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communication)
[email protected]


Marini Saari (Vice President of Corporate Strategy)
[email protected]

Zulkefli Idris (Vice President of Business Sustainability)
[email protected]

Norhaslina Othman(Vice President of Facilitation)
[email protected]

Be Part Of MHTC

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