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Malaysia vs. COVID-19: Malaysia’s Success Against COVID-19

At the start of April 2020, COVID-19 cases in Malaysia soared to an all-time high,  compared to other South East Asian countries. Uncertainty grew rampant among citizens and concern for the nation’s safety rose to alarming levels.

However, with continuous efforts by the Ministry of Health (MOH), stringent law enforcement by the Government, and increasing levels of co-operation from citizens adhering to the MCO regulations, Malaysia began seeing a headway in the reduction of COVID-19 cases.

Daily reports by the Ministry of Health showed a downward trajectory in the number of positive cases, indicating  that Malaysia is close to winning the war against COVID-19.

Our frontliners’ dedication and determination in flattening the curve received much international praise from various parties, including a visiting medical team from China that expressed their admiration for Malaysia’s methods of responding to the pandemic, and also by a researcher from The Australian National University on how the country has taken charge of the situation with well-calculated measures implemented by the Government

Medical experts sent by the Chinese government pose for photos with the Health Minister of Malaysia

Lauded as our nation’s marvellous superhero, our respected and beloved Director General of the Ministry of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham (image), was identified by the China Global TV Network as one of the top three doctors in the world for his impeccable work and contribution in combatting the virus. He receives this recognition alongside US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci and New Zealand’s health director-general, Dr. Ashely Bloomfield.

While the future remains uncertain, Malaysians stand with pride for having the greatest comeback against COVID-19, thanks to our Government, frontliners, and cooperative citizens. We remain confident in our Government, and the Ministry of Health in the way they have responded to this pandemic, earning Malaysia the fourth spot in a global survey of public approval of Governments’ responses towards the COVID-19 outbreak. TOGETHER, we will come out stronger and better from this pandemic!  

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