Paying Tribute to Frontliners: Malaysia Healthcare Expresses Gratitude to the Nation’s Marvellous Unsung Heroes

Paying Tribute to Frontliners: Malaysia Healthcare Expresses Gratitude to the Nation’s Marvellous Unsung Heroes

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 September 2020 – While the COVID-19 pandemic led to an unexpected turn of events and disruptions this year, the efforts our frontliners have put in place to ensure our safety cannot go unnoticed. Recognising and appreciating their efforts, Malaysia Healthcare has embarked on a national campaign termed ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ to express deep gratitude to frontliners for their dedication and valiant efforts.

A campaign that aims to globally highlight Malaysia’s unrelenting fight in combatting COVID19, ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ will document the brave and selfless journey of 100 frontliners across the country, as they stood courageous in the battle against COVID-19. The campaign serves as remembrance of national unity and integrity in times of crisis. This campaign is also part of a series of initiatives in the works by Malaysia Healthcare to drive trust and confidence in our healthcare infrastructure.

While the pandemic impacted several sectors and communities globally, Malaysia’s efficient management of the pandemic saw a significant reduction in the number of cases with a current recovery rate of 92.37%. This is a testament to our robust healthcare infrastructure, substantiating Malaysia’s recognition as the World’s Healthcare Marvel.

“Malaysia’s steadfast approach in managing the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the country’s healthcare infrastructure being recognised by global bodies including the World Health Organization. Malaysia has also been ranked as the second most successful country in managing the pandemic by NLI Research Institute a Japanese think tank. These recognitions come at the heel of our trusted and efficient healthcare infrastructure, as well as the hard work put in by out frontliners, public officials, and hospitals,” said Ms. Sherene Azli, Chief Executive Officer, MHTC.

“For us, ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ is a campaign of national importance as public and private sectors come together to showcase their support for frontliners. It is a look back at the historic achievement that showcases the grit and unity of ordinary Malaysians in times of crisis while highlighting our capabilities to further grow and develop our healthcare industry,” continued Ms. Sherene.

Under this initiative, MHTC will work together with selected public and private hospitals to document the journeys of frontliners working across various sectors including diagnostics, operations and patient care. MHTC is currently working on documenting the experiences of frontliners, with a hundred stories slated to be released by the end of the year.

As the healthcare travel industry stood impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysia Healthcare is actively working on their recovery plans for the industry. To begin with, MHTC has already set stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for international patient entry into Malaysia as the agency continues to remain committed to safety. Along with proactive campaigns revolving around Malaysia’s global positioning as the World’s Healthcare Marvel, MHTC has also been actively involved in assisting local healthcare bodies to kickstart healthcare travel in the country.

In addition, MHTC has been proactively leveraging digital initiatives to establish a strong foothold for Malaysia in the global healthcare travel landscape. This includes the likes of virtual consultations, webinars, and live discussions to stay connected with patients and other stakeholders.

“Once it is declared safe for international travel, we look forward to welcome healthcare travellers back to seek health and wellness treatments at the World’s Healthcare Marvel. In the meantime, we will continue strengthening our position as the Fertility and Cardiology Hubs of Asia as well as the Cancer Centre of Excellence within the region. This is in addition to promoting the country’s unique proposition as a wellness destination,” said Ms. Sherene

“While our commitment to uphold Malaysia as the World’s Healthcare Marvel never wavers, it is crucial that we not forget our unsung heroes who have selflessly put their lives at stake for the safety of ours. They have gone above and beyond the requirements of their profession by demonstrating unseen courage in the face of adversity. They are fearless and dedicated, and their stories deserve to be told to the world. We are excited to announce the start of ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ and look forward to hearing more about the brave acts of our frontliners,” added Ms. Sherene.

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