Government opens borders on several conditions

Government opens borders on several conditions

PETALING JAYA: The government has decided to open up Malaysia’s borders to allow international visitors to enter our country.

However, several conditions must be met before they are allowed to do so.

Senior Minister (Defence) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob (pix) said, as of now, expatriates under the EP1 category who possess a professional visit pass or a resident pass, and who are also in the top management of a company in Malaysia need not make an application to enter the country through the Immigration Department.

“They would have to conduct Covid-19 screening by taking a swab test before departing to Malaysia, or take a swab test as they are at our gates. They also don’t have to undergo 14 days quarantine if they come from green zone countries,“ he said at a press briefing today.

However, if the expats come from red zone countries, then they will undergo 14 days home quarantine as determined by the Health Ministry.

“They are also required to download the Mysejahtera app to allow the government to monitor their whereabouts,“ he said, adding that some examples of green zone countries include Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand and Australia.

However, expats under the EP2 and EP3 category will have to wait for further announcements by the government to consider their entry into the country.

Employment pass category 2 and 3 refer to expats who are not the top leader of a Malaysian company but hired to do work anyway.

“For foreign technical experts who do specialised work such as fixing machines and ships that require their talents and staying only for 2 – 3 days, they can apply for their professional visit pass online through the expatriate services division online and conduct a swab test at their country of origin,“ he said.

“They are also required to download MySejahtera app for monitoring purposes and need not be quarantined if they come from a green zone,“ he said.

He added the Foreign Ministry is in the midst of negotiating with its Singapore and Brunei counterparts to open the border to Singapore and Brunei citizens without needing to apply from the immigration department, undergo Covid screening or quarantine.

“They would be free to enter and exit our country, but the same requirements must be applied to our citizens as well. We must have recipocration and without restrictions,“ he said.

For foreigners who enter the country for medical purposes, such as medical tourism purposes, they will be allowed to come into Malaysia after they register with the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council, and they must also conduct swab tests at the country of origin or when they are at the gates of our airport.

“They need not go through quarantine because they will be brought to the hospital straightaway from the airport. They are also allowed to bring one escort, and they must download the MySejahtera app,“ he said.

Ismail Sabri said international students who have been studying in Malaysia are allowed to continue doing so provided they register with the Higher Education Ministry and Education Ministry, and be included into a list handed over to immigration officers.

“They must also do swab tests and undergo home quarantine if their country is not of the green zone, and download the MySejahtera app,“ he said.

For Malaysian students who are to take their entry exams overseas to continue their education, they will have to show their letter from the respective education institution to the immigration officers at the entrance gate before they depart to another country.

“This is to allow our citizens to conduct activities and allow them overseas,“ he said.

Souce: The Sun Daily

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