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Malaysia Healthcare e-Newsletter | 2021 Vol. 3

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Assalamualaikum and greetings from Malaysia Healthcare.

I trust that all of you are keeping well and staying safe from wherever you are - be it in Malaysia or anywhere from across the continent. As we advance towards the last quarter of the year, l would like to share several key points that we can reflect and learn from, especially as Malaysia progresses from a pandemic to endemic phase.

  1. Cross collaboration is key to industry recovery efforts

    It is undeniable that the global severity of COVID-19 has posed several challenges for the healthcare travel industry. If there’s one crucial learning we can take from the pandemic, it is that cross collaboration is crucial in accelerating industry recovery. Concerted efforts from both the public and private healthcare players during this pandemic must be commended for their agility and adaptability in handling a health outbreak of this scale. An effort and momentum that must be continued moving forward.

  2. Remaining vigilant amidst adversities, uncompromised on quality

    Together with our stakeholders, Malaysia Healthcare has established a strong foundation for healthcare service delivery through our seamless end-to-end patient journey since our inception over 10 years ago. This is comprised of collaborative efforts from government entities, industry players, and our network of globally accredited 73 member hospitals.

    We will continue with these synergistic collaborations to build upon the existing confidence and trust in Malaysia as a safe and trusted healthcare travel destination, prioritising the best healthcare experience for our patients.

  3. Health is more than just the COVID-19 virus

    Echoing on what Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin, mentioned, health is paramount, and it will be the first line of defence (aside from vaccinations) as we prepare ourselves in a world where COVID-19 is endemic. We must look at our health and wellbeing in its entirety and prioritise living a healthier life as we look to reopening our borders safely #ReopeningSafely.

Lessons learnt from COVID-19 has enabled us to be better equipped in providing a seamless experience to all international healthcare seekers for long-term industry sustainability. I am confident that we will continue to exemplify and prioritise patient safety, and that together, we will further propel Malaysia into the global landscape as the leading destination for healthcare.

Thank you.

Mohd Daud Mohd Arif
Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

The Quarterly Scoop

Commentary on Healthcare (General)

Malaysia’s rampant rollout of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (PICK) has shown positive progress in several areas including the number of people vaccinated, and cases admitted to public hospitals.


Commentary on Healthcare Travel

For over a year, the pandemic has seen adverse effects on tourism – be it for leisure, business, or healthcare. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that global tourism suffered its worst year on record in 2020, with international arrivals dropping by 74% and an estimated loss of USD 1.3 trillion in export revenues – more than 11 times the loss recorded during the 2009 global economic crisis.


MHTC Updates

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council Wins the Title of ‘Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare in the Asia-Pacific’ at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards 2021!

We are immensely grateful for the award we received at the GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards 2021. This award is the result of a concerted effort by the public-private partnerships that MHTC is built upon, and a testament to what strong collaboration across the value chain can do for our industry. Together, lets continue giving our best in driving Malaysia forward to in becoming the leading global destination for healthcare!

Are you ready for insigHT2021?

insigHT2021 is poised to be a catalyst for cross collaboration, as the conference gathers key speakers and experts across various sectors of the value chain to share insights on post-pandemic recovery strategies to forge industry resilience. These include the future of healthcare and well-being, a reimaging of the healthcare system, and reviving hospitality to ensure continuity of patient care.

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GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards 2021

Malaysia Healthcare Wins Together!

Congratulations to all the brilliant Malaysia Healthcare member hospitals on raking in 33 out of 56 awards at the 2021 GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards!

We are proud to see the recognition received by our healthcare providers, showing our continuous commitment in providing the best healthcare experience to our patients.

#MalaysiaHealthcare #MHWinsTogether

For the full list of winners, click here

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The Future of the International Patient: Lessons from Malaysia

At the Private Healthcare Summit 2021 organised by LaingBuisson, Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), shared on Malaysia Healthcare’s outlook for the future of the international patient.

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Editorial Column


Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer

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