Avita MedicalAvita Medical (ASX:AVH) said today it inked a distribution deal with Asia-Pacific specialized wound care product distributor Mintcare.

Through the deal, Mintcare will distribute Avita’s wound care products throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with an initial focus on Malaysia, U.K.-based Avita Medical said.

“The deal with Mintcare will give Avita Medical an active presence to deliver our innovative treatments to Malaysia, a market of 30 million people, and further underscores the significance of the broader Asian healthcare market for our company. We will keep developing our distributor network in the region so that we are well-placed to address the significant commercial opportunities in Avita,” Avita CEO Adam Kelliher said in a press release.

Avita Medical said it plans to launch its ReCell products at an international wound care conference in Sabah, Malaysia in August this year.

“The addition of ReCell to the Mintcare product portfolio brings great synergistic opportunities. Mintcare has successfully developed a distribution network in South East Asia specifically in the chronic wound care field, primarily targeting diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers with topical oxygen therapy. We’re confident our many years of experience in this industry and our in-depth knowledge of the local environment and culture, will deliver success to ReCell in Malaysia,” Mintcare director Lamine Guendil said in prepared remarks.

The distro deal is “another milestone” for the company as its rolls out its regenerative medical devices in Asian markets. In March, Avita said it inked an exclusive Chinese distribution deal with Chinese healthcare group Sinopharm.

The deal grants Sinopharm’s MedTech subsidiary exclusive distribution rights for the range of Avita’s medical devices, including regenerative treatments for burns, chronic wounds and skin defects, Avita said.

The company said it chose state-owned Sinopharm in part due to the reach of the company. Sinopharm is involved in the distribution, retail sales, R&D and manufacturing of various healthcare-related products.

Source: Mass device