#ShareMyLove is the 2017 theme for the essence of Malaysian Hospitality, using art as a medium. The objective of #ShareMyLove ties back to the over-arching objective of the Malaysia Loves You campaign, which is to effectively communicate the essential attributes of Malaysia Healthcare, i.e.: Quality, Accessibility, Affordability + Ease of Communication, as well as increase the global awareness on Malaysia’s potential as a leading healthcare travel destination.

Emphasising on that theme, this year’s campaign kicks off with a beautiful collaboration between Malaysia Healthcare and seven up-and-coming local artists.

Each artist has produced a piece of art on canvas inspired by the colours of the rainbow, incorporating the symbol of the heart. In the spirit of promoting harmony and unity, “Share My Love” aims to carry further the message of “Malaysia Loves You” and spread the word that Malaysians are truly warm and friendly as we extend our love and hospitality for anyone and everyone to embrace.

The campaign that began last year invites everyone to come and experience Malaysia’s excellent healthcare and indulge in our warm hospitality.”