The “Malaysia Loves You” campaign was introduced as a component part of Malaysia Healthcare’s brand repositioning exercise. The campaign is structured as an influencer-driven programme where its primary objective is to effectively communicate the essential attributes of Malaysia Healthcare, i.e.: Quality, Accessibility, Affordability + Ease of Communication.

In addition to that, this campaign will help create global awareness on Malaysia’s potential as a leading healthcare travel destination. The campaign will be subtly communicated through some of Malaysia Healthcare’s marketing and communications tools.

• Instil pride and nurture awareness among Malaysians on the country’s distinctive edge, and become our brand advocates.

• A marketing tool that effectively communicates the essential attributes of Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry.

• Establish a distinct identity for the country’s healthcare travel industry that distinguishes MHTC’s endeavours in conveying our competitive edge.

• Create global awareness on the healthcare travel potential of Malaysia, with particular focus on the famed hospitality of Malaysians.

• Become a representation of the image, identity and promise of Malaysia Healthcare and the country’s entire healthcare travel industry as the “face” of the campaign, offering a visual identity that the public can relate to and identify with to facilitate recognition and create loyalty.

• Create a unique brand personality that gives assurance of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council’s position in the industry, simultaneously safeguarding against falsehoods that might be disseminated by non-authoritative voices.