MHTC Healthcare Travel Facilitator Workshops

Healthcare travel is a global, multi-billion-dollar industry that serves the increasing demand of global citizens for affordable, quality healthcare. As one of the nation’s fastest growing industries, Malaysia’s healthcare travel sector presents opportunities not only for healthcare and service providers, but for individuals seeking to develop careers for themselves as well.

The MHTC Healthcare Travel Facilitator Workshops are designed to expose new stakeholders to potential opportunities and lucrative gaps in the healthcare travel market. Initiated in 2012, the Workshops have hosted over 100 participants from a variety of industries and countries, including Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, Kazakhstan and Syria.

What Does a Healthcare Travel Facilitator Do?

Deciding to seek medical treatment abroad is no easy decision. Country of choice, quality of healthcare providers, language and cultural differences, travel arrangements, managing budgets, post-treatment support and travel home – these are only some of the things a health traveller needs to consider, on top of worrying about their health.

This is where the opportunity for you as an MHTC Healthcare Travel Facilitator exists – to assist potential travellers in turning their health itineraries into worry-free health journey.

The MHTC Healthcare Travel Facilitator training program brings together experts from several aspects of the healthcare travel sector, to equip you with the knowledge you will need in your role as an effective health facilitator. Great service, with the right knowledge and care, will be the winning formula for you to gain patients and customers, and to grow your network to be at the forefront of the industry.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will be led by experienced MHTC speakers and industry experts. The delivery will be through lectures, group discussions, group presentations, role-play, simulation and skill practice. There will be also learning exercises to formulate your own business strategies.

Limited Enrolment

In order for participants to gain the most value, the workshop is limited to only 20 participants per session.

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  • The workshop surprised me, I never thought I will be able to gain so much of knowledge.
    Impressive! Well done MHTC!!!
    Financial Planner
    Insurance Company
  • I'm waiting for advanced level workshop to participate. Some open discussion about business models and ideas of target market etc, would be a great and informative.
    Healthcare Facilitation Company
  • Enjoyed the training and would recommend the workshop to others, especially new starters for health facilitators.
    Executive PA
    Healthcare Company
  • Very good trainers and topics are interesting for non-medical personnel. Love this workshop.
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Healthcare Web Company