Partnership for Healthcare Travel Excellence

The "Partnership for Healthcare Travel Excellence" (PHTE) program is a journey to improve patient outcomes. The program aims to measure the healthcare performance for selected medical tourism treatment procedures, thereby allowing the industry to assess where Malaysia Healthcare stands in providing healthcare in the areas of clinical service, and to support the continuous quality improvement efforts in patient care delivery.

Proven Performance: Enhancing the Delivery of Care in Malaysia

MHTC would like to invite registered members who are keen to partner with us in working with an appointed clinical research consultant to showcase the performance of care in your Centre of Excellence (CoE), with the ultimate aim to create a distinctive strategy for your respective CoE. Enrolment is voluntary, subject to meeting the selection criteria as stated in Section C.

The cornerstone of the PHTE program is a methodology called Proven Performance. This is a simple yet powerful method to assist our partners to review and improve their performance to meet world class benchmark. It involves 3 parts:

  1. Performance measurements and benchmarking

    Using evidence-based performance metrics, which provides the basis for performance rating against world-class benchmarks, conducted by an independent third party.

  2. Performance review and reporting

    Internal feedback of performance results to drive improvement, plus external public reporting to aid in the promotion of Malaysia Healthcare’s value propositions.

  3. Performance improvement

    Recommending a range of tools to help partners improve performance. These tools include statistical process control, checklists, Institute of Healthcare Improvement's performance improvement model, lean management and other industry best practices.

The Pilot Program currently covers the following medical treatments, as relates to healthcare tourism:

Orthopaedic Care
Eye Care
Cardiac Care

Benefits of participating in the PHTE Pilot Program

While service outcomes in healthcare facilities are being regularly monitored by the respective facilities and the Ministry of Health, participating member hospital also benefit from:

  • The implementation and adoption of international benchmarks in selected therapy areas;
  • Group workshops for assigned staff of program partners, as well as off-site support over the duration of the program;
  • An opportunity for partners to exchange, learn and improve from each other;
  • A quarterly report comprising of the performance measurement of each clinical service, including benchmarking and recommendations for improvement provided to each partnering hospital; and
  • A quarterly report on aggregated results and benchmarking shared with all partnering members.