MTMA 2021’s Award Categories
Best Medical Travel Influencer

MTMA Entry Guidelines

Submission Deadline

12 October 2021

Open to social media influencer / freelancer journalist / blogger that produce feature on medical travel in Malaysia.

Judging Criteria

The awards will be evaluated based on the following five key areas:
  • Quality of Research (20 points)
  • Quality of Technique / Presentations (20 points)
  • Creativity (20 points)
  • Content/ Headlines (10 points)
  • Digital/ Social Presence/ Shareability (30 points)

Topic Guidelines

  • Any articles, videos and social media postings related to promoting Malaysia Healthcare and Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council. For example: A news coverage related to Malaysia Healthcare / MHTC corporate announcement / own experience or patients’ physical / virtual healthcare experience in Malaysia. This applies to all Award Categories.
  • COVID-19 related reports that tie back to the promotion and mention of Malaysia Healthcare will be qualified to be submitted as an entry, except reports that are focusing solely on COVID-19 numbers in Malaysia. For example: An article or a story on how COVID-19 has affected the Malaysia Healthcare industry in Malaysia / Malaysia healthcare professionals attentive care when you or your interviewer got affected by COVID-19 / medical tourism travel bubble related stories. This applies to all Award Categories.

Word and Social Posting Limit

  • Influencers / Key Opinion Leaders / Freelancers:
    • Eligible platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube TikTok, Blogs
      • A minimum of 1 social media content in the form(s):
      • 1 video with the minimum video length of 15 seconds; OR
      • 1 static social media post with single or multiple photos; OR
      • 1 blog article with a minimum of 500 words in length OR
      • Commentary/Letter/Opinion Piece: 1 article with the minimum of 500 words in length
*Author does not have to be a journalist** associated with any media publications. They can be key opinion leaders in the healthcare industry, for example, doctors, surgeons, lecturers, researchers, and industry experts etc. However, the author is required to get consent from the platform that published his/her commentary, letter, or opinion piece. ** Journalists may submit for the Best Online Medical Travel Report (Malaysia / International) / Medical Travel Journalist of the Year (Malaysia / International) category instead.


  • Influencers are required to produce original and timely content that is related to promoting Malaysia’s medical travel. The posting should include additional materials/information for readers to understand the relevance or to find out more. It should demonstrate influence through posting – a style that is engaging, thought-provoking and accessible to its audience.
  • All submissions must be in English. Entries in other languages must be submitted together with an official translation in English.
  • Influencers are required to share the following metrics with MTMA for evaluation based on the posting platform. Please refer to the metrics below:
    1. Facebook: Total Reach, Total Reactions, Total Comments, Total Shares, Total Post Clicks, Total Views
    2. Instagram: Total Likes, Total Comments, Total Shares, Total Saved, Total Reach, Total Views
    3. YouTube: Total Watch Time (minutes), Total Views, Total Subscribers, Average View Duration, Total Likes and Dislikes, Total Comments
    4. Blog Post: Total Views, Total Comments
    5. TikTok: Total Play, Total Watch Time, Total Likes, Total Comments, Total Shares, Total Save Video
  • All submissions must be made strictly on the MTMA Entry Form and contain full contact details of the entrant, including, passport-sized photograph, official work address, telephone, and e-mail. Entries must reach the secretariat by 5 p.m. on 12 October 2021 (MYT). Any late submission will not be counted.

Terms and Conditions