Inaugural Malaysia Healthcare EXPO 2019 in Jakarta Aims to Attract 15,000 Visitors

Inaugural Malaysia Healthcare EXPO 2019 in Jakarta Aims to Attract 15,000 Visitors

Jakarta, 14 February 2019 – The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), or better known as Malaysia Healthcare, launched the inaugural Malaysia Healthcare EXPO 2019 (MHX 2019) in Jakarta, Indonesia. MHX 2019 aims to bring the ultimate healthcare experience in Malaysia closer to healthcare travellers in Indonesia, as well as to showcase true Malaysian hospitality.

Malaysia is the preferred destination for healthcare travellers from Indonesia. This is due mainly to the world-class quality, and affordability, ease of access and excellent end-to-end care that Malaysia Healthcare offers.

Nik Yazmin Nik Azman, MHTC’s Chief Commercial Officer explained, “MHTC’s main role is to promote Malaysia Healthcare globally, focusing on Indonesia as one of our core markets. The cultural similarities and geographic proximity between our two countries have made Malaysia a popular choice for healthcare among Indonesians.”

With a population of more than 260 million people, Indonesia is the largest market for Malaysia Healthcare. In 2018, more than 670,000 Indonesians have sought medical treatments—both outpatient and inpatient care—at various private healthcare facilities in Malaysia.

“At the MHX 2019, visitors can explore and obtain first-hand understanding about the patient experience with Malaysia Healthcare, where quality care is with healthcare travellers every step of the way. This event is part our commitment to provide more enhanced healthcare programmes and offerings to the people of Indonesia,” added Nik Yazmin Nik Azman.

To strengthen its commitment to the Indonesian market, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council has also launched a microsite in Bahasa. The organisation has made it even more convenient for patients from Indonesia to learn more about its offering of health services and facilities. The website also hosts a live chat service, where visitors can ask directly about the facilities they are most interested in. In addition, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council is currently focusing on providing comprehensive information on Cardiology, Cancer and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as core treatments for patients in Indonesia.

The Malaysia Healthcare Expo 2019 will be held from 15 – 17 February 2019 at Central Park Mall, Jakarta. As many as 11 participating private hospitals and healthcare facilities from Malaysia will be conducting health talks, panel discussions, and free health checks offered to visitors, plus lucky draw and other exciting stage activities are also in store. MHX 2019 will also be held in other major cities in Indonesia throughout 2019.

“Our End-to End experience provides high quality health services, affordable prices, as well as ease of access and communication for our patients in the form of a call centre, medical concierge and lounge for patients when they first arrive at Malaysian airports, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport. These advantages are all in line with our vision to become the leading global destination for healthcare,” added Nik Yazmin Nik Azman.

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council offers as many as 76 member hospital services and facilities to choose from for a wide range of medical treatments. Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council has also established representatives in its core markets (Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and most recently, India) to increase accessibility for healthcare travellers.

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