Malaysia Healthcare’s CSR Programme in China

Malaysia Healthcare’s CSR Programme in China

SHENZHEN, CHINA, 9 JUNE – Malaysia Healthcare, in partnership with Tai Orient International (Tai Orient), together with Shenzhen Yikang Maternity Hospital, held a press conference today, to announce a CSR programme supporting 18 Chinese couples to undergo fertility treatments in Malaysia. This initiative anchors upon Malaysia’s medical excellence in fertility, in line with the country’s positioning as the fertility hub of Asia, with the theme Giving Hope to Dreams.

Malaysia Healthcare will be facilitating this campaign in China to increase the awareness of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) that Malaysia provides, offering aspiring parents the opportunity to attain the joy of parenthood. The second and third phases of this programme will be conducted in the cities of Chengdu and Shenzhen, sharing the details of ART throughout the region.

Malaysian fertility centres are highly equipped with state-of-the-art technologies renowned within the medical field. Technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Time Lapse Embryoscope, Piezo-ICSI, and 3D Laparoscope complete a significant part of the ideal ecosystem for healthcare travellers. In addition to that, our embryologists are very experienced having received training from top medical institutions in Malaysia, UK, Australia, and the US. These digitally driven, high-quality fertility treatments are offered in Malaysia at affordable costs.

“Working together with Tai Orient supports Malaysia Healthcare’s efforts in cementing our position as the Fertility Hub of Asia,” Sherene Azli, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) said. “We aim to assist hopeful couples on their journey towards becoming parents, as Malaysia’s fertility treatment offerings have shown exceptional success rates averaging between 60 – 65%, exceeding the global average of 50 – 55%. Between 2011 to 2016, there has been an almost 280% increase of healthcare travellers from China seeking fertility treatments here in Malaysia.”

Three of Malaysia Healthcare’s top fertility centres, Sunfert International Fertility Centre, Alpha Fertility Centre, Fertility Associates, and one of Malaysia’s leading private hospitals, Prince Court Medical Centre have shown their support for this programme to continue building awareness and demonstrating the quality of Malaysia’s fertility treatment offerings. Tai Orient will support the healthcare travellers’ accommodation, flights, and facilitation.

“We are very honoured to collaborate with Tai Orient to hold this CSR programme in China. It brings us great joy and accomplishment to be able to bring hope to couples wanting to build a family,” Sherene commented. “This initiative is a testimony to Malaysia Healthcare’s commitment in providing unparalleled medical services to achieve our goal of becoming the leading global healthcare destination.”

As a premier, award-winning healthcare travel destination, Malaysia offers world-class quality treatments and services to aspiring parents. Equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and internationally trained healthcare professionals, Malaysian healthcare services can provide these couples with the best medical care in the country. Aside from establishing the country as the Asian Hub for Fertility, Malaysia is also positioned as the Asian Hub for Cardiology, with the theme ‘The Heartbeat of Asia’.

Malaysia Healthcare has continuously raised its position as a global healthcare travel destination over the last few years. The country was named “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” at the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Medical Travel Awards 2015 – 2017, and recently, MHTC was recognised as the “Medical Travel Cluster of the Year” at the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2017-2018.Malaysia has also been acknowledged as the “Best Country in the World for Healthcare” by International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index from 2015 to 2017.

“Malaysia Healthcare also provides couples with the opportunity to seek out the greatest doctors and specialists according to the fertility treatments needed, at a competitively affordable rate. These patients will also be at ease communicating with our specialists, as Mandarin and other Chinese dialects are widely spoken throughout the nation,” Sherene added. “We therefore invite aspiring parents to come Experience Malaysia Healthcare, Embrace Malaysian Hospitality.”