Malaysia Healthcare presents “Share My Love” Blood Drive

Malaysia Healthcare presents “Share My Love” Blood Drive

4 MAY 2017: Fresh off its third consecutive win as International Medical Travel Journal’s (IMTJ) Medical Travel Destination of the Year Award, Malaysia Healthcare, held a blood donation drive today, to help with the need of supply in the blood bank. As part of its “Share My Love” campaign, in collaboration with Astro Awani and with support from Pusat Darah Negara (PDN),

Malaysia Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer, Sherene Azli says, “This blood drive is part of Malaysia Healthcare’s Corporate Social Responsibility, under the “Share My Love” campaign, which carries the message that Malaysians are truly warm and friendly. This is a continuation from the “Malaysia Loves You” campaign, which was launched in 2016. “Share My Love” aims to highlight Malaysia’s most unique qualities as a healthcare travel destination of choice”.

This blood drive underlines the role every single person can play in helping others in emergency situations, by giving the valuable gift of blood. It also focuses on the fact that it is important to give blood regularly so that the blood stock is sufficient before an emergency arises.

However, only 2.2% out of 30 million Malaysians donate blood, a far cry when compared with the 3.5% – 5% recorded in more developed countries. On average, hospitals need to prepare almost 2,000 bags of blood for use, to support the need of almost 1,000 patients every day. In 2014, 675,315 bags were collected throughout the country under the Ministry of Health’s “Perkhidmatan Perubatan Transfusi” campaign. This number increased by more than 28,000 bags in 2015. (Source: Ministry of Health Malaysia)

PDN meanwhile launched its own campaign with the tagline “One Blood Donation Can Save Three Lives”, to encourage blood donation. The short shelf life of some of the components is the reason why there is a constant need of supply in the blood bank.

The short shelf life of some of the components is the reason why there is a constant need of supply in the blood bank. Red blood cells can last a maximum of 42 days; platelets can last for five to seven days while plasma that is frozen and kept in the right condition can be kept for years.

“As Malaysians are known for their generosity, we are confident that the target of increasing the nation’s blood supply will be fulfilled. A single donation by just one person, can save three lives”, added Sherene.

Representing Astro AWANI, its Chief Executive Officer, Suhaimi Sulaiman, says, “In the spirit of Malaysia Healthcare’s “Share My Love” campaign, we hope this blood drive can truly aid those in
need. We are proud to be able to join this noble cause and give back to the people.”

Sherene further commented that, “We are proud over Malaysia’s hat trick win at the recent the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Awards 2017 in Opatija where we were honoured once again as the recipient of “Destination of the Year”. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), also received for the first time, a win as the “Health and Medical Tourism Cluster of the Year” award. The award recognises efforts by a health or medical tourism cluster or association that demonstrates unparalleled qualities in organising, managing and stewarding medical or health tourism organisations and enterprises under its umbrella.

Malaysia’s private hospitals also grabbed several awards during the event. These are:

  • International Hospital of the Year – Winner: Sunway Medical Centre
  • Best Marketing Initiative – Winner: Sunway Medical Centre
  • International Fertility Clinic of the Year – Winner: TMC Fertility Centre
  • Best Quality Initiative – Highly Commendable: Sunway Medical Centre

The IMTJ award proves further testament to Malaysia Healthcare’s success at building bridges within international healthcare travel, adding to its long list of accolades, which includes “Best Country in the World for Healthcare” by International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2015-2017

Per Sherene, “Malaysia Healthcare is striving harder to strengthen the travel value-chain as a holistic proposition, through three key tenets of industry facilitation, optimisation of digital marketing and sustainable growth. Our aim is to continuously reach out to all to help make a difference to the sustainability of our world class quality health care offerings, which includes ensuring there is sufficient blood supplies at the country for the people in need. Hence, our participation in this Blood Donation Drive at the country level as part of our CSR works”.

As part of its efforts to convey the essence of Malaysia Healthcare, the country recently unveiled “Share My Love”, a continuation of the “Malaysia Loves You” campaign, launched in 2016. “Share My Love” carries a message of love, unity and kindness, inviting all to come and experience Malaysia’s excellent healthcare and indulge in its famed Malaysian hospitality. This concept encompasses the essence of Malaysia’s healthcare, which provides great care, compassion and warmth. It is this very love and welcoming spirit that Malaysia Healthcare hopes to convey and invite everyone to its country.

#sharemylove aims to highlight Malaysia’s most unique qualities as a healthcare travel destination of choice. More details can be obtained at