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Vol 01 | 2018

Warm Greetings from Malaysia Healthcare

Assalamualaikum and warm greetings from Malaysia Healthcare.

It has been quite an interesting first quarter for 2018. The climate of the healthcare industry has been changing and to stay ahead of the game, we need to pool our efforts together. Though the race may be a challenging one, the good news is, Malaysia Healthcare has a solid plan to sail us through to success.

We have already begun the journey to catalyse the Prime Minister’s vision for healthcare travel into a reality! Malaysia Healthcare is maturing in regional prominence and a need to carve a niche identity is upon us. Therefore, this decision to anchor on our strengths in Cardiology and Fertility treatments was made and it will solidify our position further in the global healthcare travel landscape.

On top of that, progress has been made in the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Programme. The programme will raise hospitals to become global icons of healthcare travel, propelling Malaysia’s profile further in the global healthcare travel landscape. This will also build a competitive edge for Malaysia with world-class medical travel hospitals.

To further cement our position in becoming the leading global destination for healthcare, Malaysia Healthcare will be anchoring the Malaysia Year of Health (MYH) 2020, focusing on celebrating good health and an active lifestyle. MYH 2020 will run in tandem with Visit Malaysia (VM) 2020, the fifth running of our national tourism campaign, drawing more global attention to our world-class medical treatments, service and facilities. VM 2020 is estimating to welcome 36 million tourists to Malaysia’s shores and MYH 2020 is expected to be a driving force in reaching the target.

These initiatives are instrumental in our vision to grow the industry between 20 to 30% by 2020, stretching beyond the RM 2.8 billion mark in revenues with an estimated economic impact of RM 10 billion*. The march towards our 2020 goals is truly going to be an arduous one, but possible if we are all able to come together as a single entity of committed and focused team players.

In order to do the right things well, Malaysia Healthcare has to come together as a united force. Consequently, 2018 will be a year of forging trust in all relationships throughout the value chain of Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry. As we begin to embark on novel ideas to make a stark difference in the industry, trust will be the integral element keeping us together as an unstoppable force of success!

One thing is certain – we are well into our journey to be where we want to be. The bar has been set, the standard decided. Now, it is time for us to deliver.


Sherene Azli

Chief Executive Officer

*Note: This calculation is based on a multiplier effect of 2.23 times hospital receipts which factors in out-of-hospital spending such as wellness, transportation, accommodation, and tourism activities. Multiplier effect estimated in The Global Wellness Tourism Report 2014 by the Stanford Research Institute.

Healthcare Happenings

Expat Morning Coffee Session
January 2018

The "Expat Morning Coffee Session" provides a platform for MHTC hospital members to share information on certain selected topics while at the same time increase their brand engagements with the expat community in Malaysia.

Malaysia Healthcare gears up into 2018 with positive energy
January 2018

Malaysia Healthcare's recent successes have raised our profile on the international frontier and now we are set to rise above and go beyond, towards becoming the leading global destination for healthcare.

Fostering closer cooperation between Malaysia and China in the healthcare sector
January 2018

The MoU signing signifies a concrete step in fostering closer cooperation between Malaysia and China in the healthcare sector.

Malaysia competing to be known as Asia’s Fertility Hub
January 2018

2018 will see Malaysia promoting itself strongly as a regional hub for fertility. This comes as no surprise as patients from China find Malaysia an appealing option for fertility tourism.

Maybank Indonesia Partners with Malaysia Healthcare To Provide Healthcare Packages
January 2018

Malaysia Healthcare, signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Maybank Indonesia (MBI) in Jakarta, on 18 Jan 2018, to offer attractive benefits to their Premier Wealth clients.

The leader in cardiac, cardiovascular and thoracic care
January 2018

Malaysia’s National Heart Institute, has always been the leader in cardiac, cardiovascular and thoracic care for both adult and paediatric patients in the region.

TMC Fertility Centre’s high success rate makes it the talk of the town
January 2018

Malaysia Healthcare’s elite member hospital, TMC Fertility Centre with its high fertility success rate makes it one of the preferred choices for couples seeking treatment in Malaysia. 

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital’s Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence is the first of its kind in Malaysia
January 2018

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, an elite member hospital of Malaysia Healthcare, is widely known for its excellence in Orthopaedics.

Alpha Fertility grabbed the title ‘Best IVF Technologies’ at the CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2018
January 2018

Congratulations to Alpha Fertility Centre for garnering the title 'Best IVF Technologies' at the CHT Pursuit of Excellence Awards 2018!

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) marked a milestone in Bangladesh when it launched its representative office in Uttar, Dhaka
January 2018

With an established office in Dhaka, MHTC hopes to lay the foundation for stronger brand presence, and create more awareness of Malaysia Healthcare’s intrinsic offerings to the citizens of Bangladesh.

Malaysia Healthcare reached out to Malaysia High Commission Office in Singapore for potential collaborations
January 2018

In our effort to expand Malaysia Healthcare's reach in the Lion City, our top representatives paid a courtesy visit to the Malaysia High Commission Office in Singapore recently. We graciously thank HE Dato' Zulkifli Adnan and YBhg Datin Siti Hawa Othman for hosting us.

Malaysia Healthcare welcomed delegations from the Ministry of Health Tuvalu to strengthen bilateral ties
January 2018

Malaysia Healthcare, together with representatives from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, welcomed delegations from the Ministry of Health Tuvalu recently. The meeting was a great success and we look forth to working closely with them in the near future.

Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur achievement - success of the first ERA-IVF treatment in the country!
January 2018

This miracle baby from the first-in-the-country IVF-ERA-pET pregnancy is counting the weeks to see the world! Congratulations to the lovely couple for their long-awaited child.

The newly refurbished KLIA Lounge is now operational.
February 2018

We are pleased to inform that our MHTC Lounge at Gate 8, Arrival Hall, KLIA has resumed operations earlier than scheduled.

Opportunity for G2G Collaboration with Republic of Tunisia
March 2018

Malaysia Healthcare welcomed delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Tunisia, led by His Excellency Hatem Ferjani, Secretary of State for Economic Diplomacy for the Ministry to explore opportunities for G2G collaboration.

Malaysia Healthcare joined the Tunisia Health Expo 2018
March 2018

Malaysia Healthcare participated in the Tunisia Health Expo 2018 recently and attracted an enthusiastic crowd - including key influencers and officials from the Tunisian healthcare industry.

IJN emerges as first Asia Pacific hospital to treat heart patients with smallest pacemaker
March 2018

The National Heart Institute (IJN) will be the first hospital in Asia Pacific to conduct first-in-man trials the Medtronic Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS), which is used to treat patients with abnormal heart rhythm.

Rising Above and Beyond with Malaysia Healthcare
March 2018

Malaysia Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Sherene Azli shares the vision and mission of Malaysia Healthcare towards reaching the agency's 2020 goals.

Malaysia Healthcare broadens its horizons all the way to Berlin at ITB 2018
March 2018

Malaysia Healthcare spreads its wings to ITB Berlin 2018! ITB 2018 is a leading business platform for global touristic offers which gathers delegates from more than 120 countries, across 5 continents.

Sunway Medical Centre unveiled gamma knife icon to treat brain cancer
March 2018

Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) recently unveiled the revolutionary Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, an advanced radiation machine to treat neurological disorders and brain conditions that typically require neurosurgery.

Experience Malaysia Healthcare

Announcing the New and Improved Medical Concierge and Lounge


Malaysia Healthcare's Medical Concierge and Lounge (MCL) in KLIA has a fresh, new look, designed to serve our healthcare travellers better. We've upgraded to create a more warm and welcoming ambience, definitely unmissable by airport visitors and healthcare travellers alike! Drop by today for the new and improved experience!.

Malaysia Healthcare Newsletter Vol 01 – 2018
The newly refurbished MCL Lounge

Medical Concierge and Lounge (MCL)

2016 2017 2018 (Jan – Feb)
Delegates 243 152 32
Guests 49 9 -

Table: Healthcare Travellers Served by MCL (KLIA)

The Meet and Greet Service (MGS) is the first point of contact for healthcare travellers on their health journey in Malaysia. Offered as part of Malaysia Healthcare's renowned end-to-end service experience, the MGS provides peace of mind for healthcare travellers entering Malaysia.

Our dedicated MCL personnel will greet registered health travellers at the aerobridge upon embarkation, and will escort them through customs and immigration via a fast-tracked lane, before hosting them at the lounge while waiting for overland transportation to their designated hospitals or accommodations. Call 1-800-188-688 or email us at [email protected] to find out more.

What’s New at MHTC

Mr Zul Idris, Business Sustainability Department

Mr. Zul Idris

Business Sustainability Department
Led by Mr. Zul Idris, the team will be in charge of all matters related to sustaining MHTC to better facilitate the industry and our hospital members.

Dalia Kassim, Account Manager

Ms. Dalia Kassim

Account Managers
Headed by Ms. Dalia Kassim, the Account Managers serve as a “single-point-of-contact” communications channel for a member hospital, intended to streamline all matters related to marketing, market development and all other relevant areas.

Member Hospitals Updates

Listed below are the latest Member Hospitals under Malaysia Healthcare (as of 21st March 2018)

Latest Member Hospitals under Malaysia Healthcare


Mark your calendars! InsigHT, our annual market intelligence conference is back this year from the 3rd to 4th September 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

With the theme ‘Building Trust Towards Excellence’, we want to gather healthcare providers, industry stakeholders and players to engage in knowledge sharing sessions about how we can build trust along the healthcare travel industry value chain to enhance patient experience.

To find out how you can be a part of this event, contact us via email at [email protected].

If you are an MHTC Member Hospital, please register with your respective Account Manager.