Malaysia Gains Interest As Medical Travel Destination Of Choice From Middle East Countries

OMAN, 4 – 6 APRIL 2017: Malaysia Healthcare participates in the 4th International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC) in Muscat to further fortify Malaysia as Asia’s leading healthcare destination of choice, on an international platform.

Malaysia’s presence in Oman is to highlight its medical edge over some of the favoured countries by Omanis. Malaysia further aims to foster a healthier working relationship by sharing and exchanging medical ideas and expertise between doctors from Oman and Malaysia. The aim is to provide better medical options for the people of Oman, especially with the encouraging growth which has doubled since 2011, reflecting Malaysia Healthcare’s tenacity in penetrating the market.

“Commenting, Sherene Azli, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council or better known as Malaysia Healthcare adds, “Orthopaedic, diabetics, rehabilitation, cardiology and neurology are among the chosen treatments sought by the Omanis travelling to our country. Sherene further added that, “Malaysia is fast gaining popularity for its easily accessible and competitively priced world-class quality healthcare. We are also one of the very few countries from around the world where healthcare travel is strongly supported by the government under the Ministry of Health. In 2016, we received about 1 million foreign patients globally, a testament to our recognition as a leading global healthcare destination.

The increase shows that Malaysia is catering well to the medical travel needs of the GCC Muslim nations from providing prayer facilities to offering halal food and understanding the Muslim culture. Omanis share many similarities with Malaysia in terms of its religion and food thus providing a natural environment for Omanis patients seeking treatment in Malaysia.

Malaysia Healthcare has and is continuously initiating G2G collaborations with Ministries of Health from various Middle East countries like the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and others, for programmes such as bilateral patient referral partnerships, medical consultancy collaborations, knowledge transfer programmes and export of hospital / specialised service management, among others.

Partnering with Malaysia Healthcare for this Middle East agenda is the KPJ Healthcare, a leading Malaysian provider for awards-winning healthcare services. The healthcare giant will feature specialists, general health practitioners and physiotherapists from some of their premier hospitals as part of the Malaysian entourage, to give conference attendees the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation about healthcare options that are available in Malaysia, and to offer free consultation sessions, mini-medical check-ups and health talks, focusing on wellness, lifestyle and rehabilitation.

Malaysia Healthcare’s promise of world-class quality healthcare, real-time accessibility, affordability, ease of communication, seamless end-to-end patient service, remains as its core strength.

Malaysia was awarded as the “Top Country for Muslim Travel” in 2015 by MasterCard-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index. The country’s affordable treatments with Arabic speaking translators as well as its Muslim friendly hospital environments are appealing to the Middle Eastern. Apart from that, Malaysia was named the “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” by International Medical Travel Journal for 2015 and 2016 and the “Best Country in the World for Healthcare” for three consecutive years (2015 – 2017) by International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.

Sherene added, “We will continue to do more to step up in marketing ourselves so that potential health travellers are aware, that today Malaysia is a realistic and achievable option as a leading healthcare destination”.

The commitment towards providing exemplary healthcare services, has led Malaysia Healthcare to launch the “Malaysia Loves You” campaign in 2016. The success of that campaign was reflected in the RM1.15 billion in revenues recorded last year. Riding on the crest of that success, the campaign continues into 2017 with a new clarion call “Share My Love”. Spreading the word that Malaysians are truly warm and friendly, we extend our love and hospitality to anyone and everyone, to come and experience Malaysia’s excellent healthcare and indulge in our warm hospitality. Malaysia welcomes everyone to its Muslim-friendly country.