MHTC Partnership Programme

The MHTC Partnership Programme recognises healthcare facilities that provide exemplary service to International Patients

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) strives to enhance access to Malaysian healthcare services, for the benefit of both health travellers as well as Malaysian private healthcare facilities.

Under our mandate, we undertake the function of a one-stop centre for the healthcare travel industry, for the promotion, business development, facilitation, networking, regulation and manage all enquiries on healthcare travel in Malaysia. As part of our effort to promote Malaysia Healthcare globally, we work closely with industry stakeholders, particularly the private Malaysian healthcare institutions.

The MHTC Partnership Programme recognises healthcare facilities that provide exemplary service to international patients, where members are screened by stringent criteria – in both, healthcare and supporting services – for participation in the Programme. A certificate of registration with the MHTC is given by the Minister of Health Malaysia and is renewable every two years.

MHTC Partners Membership

There are many benefits to being an MHTC Partner Hospital and Healthcare Facility:

  • Marketing and exposure through MHTC’s diverse international marketing programmes
  • Recognised and promoted as a quality provider of healthcare travel services for international patients
  • Special incentives by the Malaysian Government for efforts promoting healthcare tourism
  • Validity for Income Tax Exemption equivalent to Investment Tax Allowance (ITA), up to 100% on qualifying expenditure on improving healthcare travel infrastructure, by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

Incentives for MHTC Members

Apart from the exposure and shared promotion gained from international marketing programmes organised by MHTC, Partners also enjoy special incentives accorded by the Malaysian Government for their efforts in promoting healthcare travel.

Investment Tax Allowance (ITA) for Healthcare Travel

As an MHTC Partner, Malaysian medical facilities may apply for the Investment Tax Allowance (ITA), which promotes expansion and improvisation of healthcare facilities for the purpose of promoting healthcare travel. For more information, click here.

Guideline for ITA writeup from MIDA (Mar 2015) ITA Application Process Flow Application Form for Investment Tax Allowance (New Private Hospital) PH - 1 Application Form for Investment Tax Allowance (Expansion / Modernisation / Refurbishment of Existing Private Hospital) PH - 2
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