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Life under quarantine and movement control order  (MCO) due to COVID-19 has resulted in significant changes in our daily routines, raising questions on how the new normal will look like. Will it shift to include constant social distancing in our lifestyles, or a total dissolution of large gatherings and events?

The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that considerable adjustments and changes in lifestyles and daily routines will be required to accommodate to the new normal. These include practicing good hygiene, putting on face masks when outside, and constantly washing hands. The common social practice of shaking hands is also no longer advisable as part of the measures to break the spread of the virus. The Government has indicated that it can take up to two years for a vaccine to be ready and until then, Malaysians will need to live by a different set of rules. While it may sound temporary, these changes could possibly remain for some time to come. One can only speculate as we wait for further guidelines from the Government.

As aggravating as it is, the world’s economy is undergoing a transformation, and the population must find ways to adapt and adhere to the new normal. New skills and expertise will be required as with new ways of doing business. Working from home and interacting via virtual applications will be the most commonly applied activities which will allow us to move forward during this pandemic.

Embracing the new normal

Understanding and adapting to the new normal might look like a long and tedious effort for some, but there is always a silver lining. If humanity were to be triumphant in this war against COVID-19 and relinquish the virus from our homes and lives, the new normal must be embraced. We must demonstrate a unity of purpose and work collectively to win the war against COVID-19!

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  1. Richard Daniels says:

    There is no virus it doesn’t take a virus to kill people over 75 years old Pollution can kill people of any age