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Malaysia vs. COVID-19: Public-Private Partnerships Aiding the Battle Front

Healthcare Services in Malaysia is deemed, in many ways, the archetype for exemplary world-class healthcare. Along with various aspects, united partnerships between public and private healthcare organisations within the country have played a pivotal role in conceiving our superior healthcare standards.

With the ongoing crusade against COVID-19 that struck our nation early this year, these partnerships have proven to be beneficial in combatting the virus. Support provided by private healthcare institutions and organisations include the sharing of ventilators to public hospitals, ready to deploy medical front liners and preparing medical spaces to take in and treat non COVID-19 patients.

Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara shares equipment with Hospital Sungai Buloh Source: ThomsonHospitalKD Facebook
Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara shares equipment with Hospital Sungai Buloh.
Source: ThomsonHospitalKD Facebook

Like any other periods of challenges and struggles, the level of cooperation and cohesiveness of such partnerships have deepened and continue to flourish. Although these are times of uncertainty, rest assured, Malaysia Healthcare along with its private and public healthcare partners will continue being monumental combatants in this fight together. United, we will triumph! #kitamenangsamasama #kitajagakita

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